Saturday, November 24, 2012

Solar Ovens... One of the answers to the world energy needs.

Solar oven cooking requires no fuel except sunlight and can be done off the grid! Your solar oven can be used even in parts of the country where the daytime temps so not reach above freezing. With a well insulated oven you can cook year-round. Commercial ovens are available.

 Solar ovens are being used around the world to help communities heat their water and food. Bacteria in water is pasteurized and safe to drink after being heated to 160F.  There are several types of solar ovens and I will reference them here. I use a homemade model that I designed myself out of scrap lumber and an old window that my sister gave me when she remodeled her bathroom. Craigslist is a good source of free or cheap old windows. Future blogs will discuss construction, insulation, window placement and reflector use.

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My goal here is to teach you (and myself) how to cook foods without use of fossil fuels. No wood chopping, no hauling propane tanks back and forth to the gas station to be filled, no electric bill.  In times of societal collapse, power outages, rationing etc., I will be able to cook foods that I grow or have stored. Ahhhhhhh - self-reliance.  Here is food BOILING in my own solar oven.

We can prepare healthy, flavorful, safe food.
Below are some commercial and homemade models. They are linked to their respective sites. Some have instructions for use and some even have plans. Look on Youtube for inspiration as well.

Here is an excellent link to get you started on Wikipedia

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