Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FISH TACOSin the solar oven. (Okay, I know it's a little fast-foodish - keep going for more homemade stuff.)

Sprayed the corn tortillas with cooking spray, put chopped pablano peppers in the middle and piled up the fish sticks...

Warning, the corn tortillas came out like hockey pucks, hard! Should have removed them early. The Pablano peppers and fish sticks were fine. Dinner, although a bit crunchy, was good.
I added shredded cabbage and salsa, red on the front one and green salsa on the back one.

BEST BBQ Ribs - sticky, not soggy!!!

Only three ingredients! Ribs, sauce and oven bag.

cooking away...

Cooked in bag but soggy.  Keep reading...

Took them out and emptied the juices, rebasted with sauce and put on an open try.

Cracked the glass lid just slightly and propped open with a plastic cap (the green thing)...

Let the ribs dry and caramelize. These are the best things you will ever eat!

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Selling our books at a prepper fest. We actually cooked sweet corn, hot dogs and carrots for our afternoon meal and shared with eight people. Sorry no food pictures.

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Hay Bale Cooking - Fuel saving measure - unattended cooking too.

Hay bale and cardboard box...
Preheat your food, whatever it is, over a campfire or stove.

Nestle your pot into the box and pack with hay. You can use a quilt and a cooler for this too.

This is valuable when you don;t have a lot of fuel to burn or if you want to leave the meal unattended to cook. This can be done at a camp sight or on a boat. Heck, you can do it at home and dinner will be ready for you when you get home.

Canned, Corned Beef Hash, sweet potatoes and onions. EASY!

Seasoned salt on the potatoes and onions.

Pop it in...

Cooked to perfection. 

Chili from food storage (plus a raw onion ;)

Ingredients from the pantry. Make it simple. Use food storage.

bubbling along


Chicken, carrots and baked apples.

Flour with salt and pepper and a touch of cayenne.

Chicken, carrots with butter and salt and apples with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Just a different angle. It was delish! Didn't ake a plated picture, sorry. Dished it up and we chowed down.



Just made up a box mix then sprinkled tons of Pecans on top. Two hours in the oven between 300 and 350F.