Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rosemary Rice - 2.5 hrs

I used one cup of jasmine rice (No, not minute rice. You could but you wouldn't have to leave it long. Minute rice might soak up the water without heating - Note to self - test it. ), 1/2 c. water and some rosemary.
(OK see the little pat of butter in there too? -- optional)

I wanted to point out that my lid is very tight fitting.

I also put tea out to brew in the glass pitcher next to the oven. It's 74 degrees here today. November 28th. Phoenix AZ area.

Note in the second picture to the right the oven's pointing Southeast toward the white five gallon buckets I grow my tomatoes in.  It was 0930am. (More on the self watering tomatoe buckets in a later post!)

Note the oven's position here at 1200 when I took the rice out. (225F) It is facing much more South than East now.  Tea's brewed too but I'll put it in the oven when the rice comes out because it eaks every last bit of tea out of those tiny little leaves if you "Brew" it longer. It will probably boil by 1300.

I had checked the rice at 1120 but it was still al dente.

NOTE TO SELF: Rice 2.5 hrs

Note how far the sun has moved and that the oven is now facing the Southwest at 1600 (4PM)

Note too the intensity of the sun has diminished and then look at the picture below to note why.

Tea in the oven was still 165F and too hot to take out without a pot holder. 

Looking off to the Southwest...

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