Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pineapple Upside-down cake. Sadly- no cherries in the house.

Pineapple upsidedown cake.

Preheating the topping.

Adding the cake batter.

The sun has moved west since I first put the oven out. See the "unsquare" shadows?
Squared up to the sun for better heat in the box.
One hour and 15 minutes.. Skewer tested clean but it's not as brown as I'd like.

After another 20 minutes. 330F

I had to turn the oven off.

Korean Beef

My new antique store pan for $10 - Fits perfectly

Got my recipe in a crock-pot book

In the oven cooking bag, ready to roll...

Done. 2.5 hours

In the hot box - free power and no heat in the house!

Notice my nice square shadows!

Yummy. You can thicken the sauce with cornstarch if you like but I just poured the broth over the rice.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Had fun teaching in Maricopa today - Thanks for inviting me Scott.

Teaching... We had a great day!

Mixing cornbread in the box - not making dirty dishes...


Nice hot day to cook with... A little condensation on the inside of the glass.

We address solar oven cooking and hot water in our post-apocalyptic novel, Post Grid.  Writing this was a FUN way to teach too. 

Peach cobbler...

Raw, in the pan...

Adding a piece of glass, worried about condensation on the inside of the oven lid.

My glass was the same size as my pan so I put foil strips around the edges...

Didn't need the foil strips or the glass... no condensation on the inner piece of glass or the oven lid.

one hour 

one hour and 40 min


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FISH TACOSin the solar oven. (Okay, I know it's a little fast-foodish - keep going for more homemade stuff.)

Sprayed the corn tortillas with cooking spray, put chopped pablano peppers in the middle and piled up the fish sticks...

Warning, the corn tortillas came out like hockey pucks, hard! Should have removed them early. The Pablano peppers and fish sticks were fine. Dinner, although a bit crunchy, was good.
I added shredded cabbage and salsa, red on the front one and green salsa on the back one.