Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bread proofing and marinated chicken for dinner.

My backyard solar oven on an old BBQ grill frame. Mobile, I like it!

Today I baked bread using my solar oven as a bread proofer. My solar oven doesn't get hot enough to bake the bread because the 250 doesn't set the crust fast enough. It's a great proofer though when pre-heated and the door left ajar. I put a wet dish rag on the hot granite tile and a cooling rack over that. Moist heat... Just what the doctor ordered. See the steam on the window
Now here is the marinated chicken cooking away for tonight's salad. I cut it up in small pieces and then marinated it in Asian dressing. We are trying to augment our garden produce with smaller portions of meat for flavor and protein. I'm going to call it Cheesecake Factory Knock-off Asian Chicken Salad.


  1. Very neat oven. Are you going to write about how to build one as well?

  2. There are tons of Youtube videos about building your own solar oven. I had to buy the door seal, (probably could get one from an old washing machine or better yet a stove at the salvage yard) metal brackets and latch. everything else was free or salvaged.