Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Solar oven - pantry meal / Cranberry Orange Chicken

This recipe comes from my mother. I love the tang and the sweet/sour effect of the cranberry sauce and orange marmalade. I also put in Rosemary and a bullion cube. It all comes from (or can come from) the pantry.  I mix enough "sauce" to cover my chicken pieces.

Candycane beets and Turnips (you can use potatoes, carrots, squash...)

Ready to go out.

Cooked all day in the Solar oven...

Mmmmmmmmmmm carmelized! The rosemary looks sad though.

I thickened the sauce with a flour slurry but you could eat it without. Mash the veggies (have used carrots or any other root veggie or squash - I must try acorn squash!) and serve the sauce over them. I just pile the chicken on top.You could just serve it over instant rice or instant mashed potatoes or better yet, cornbread. I must be hungry.

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