Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Novel, Post Grid - An Arizona EMP Adventure, is done. 

The story revolves around life in AZ after the power grid is disabled by an electromagnetic pulse, a bomb detonated high in the atmosphere, that takes out macro and micro circuitry. Our main character is a nurse who flees the city trying to get to her mother's rural AZ ranch. We have gun fights, surgery, solar oven building etc in the novel. Take a look at and on our Facebook page. Our book highlights HAM radio, horsemanship, primitive medical care, Civil Air Patrol cadets and so much more.  We had a blast writing it and the reviews are GOOD!  Pick up your copy to see how eight people ban together to live Post Grid.

Please continue below to the solar oven cooking...

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  1. This book is awesome! When's the next installment going to be release?