Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cleaning out the food storage - 1/2013

Well it is that time of the year when I clean out food storage and decide what has to be eaten this month. (a.k.a. what canned goods expired last year.) I try to keep up on rotation but...
This is our front entry closet. I still have room to the left for coats and brooms/mops etc.There are only two of us and my goal is a three months supply.

New shelves built and food sorted

Cans dated with sharpie (beans and meat shelf)

Boxes dated (expiration year only)

Cans that outdated in 2011 and will be used in next few weeks - not bad! Most manufacturers only date their canned food for 24 mos. We all know it will last longer. I will look more closely at the expiration dates on the cans in the grocery store going forward. Boxed food goes stale faster and I like to use that in date.

 This does not include my dry goods pantry or my spice cabinets.

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